Complete Aldmeri Dominion 1-50 Power Leveling Guide

Complete level 1-50 grinding guide

Level 50

Total time taken from 1-50 for me and Polaris was 22 hours 51 minutes playing time. I would recommend leveling in a pair and synergizing your skills with each other

Helpful tips before you start:

  • You get more exp while grinding as a duo, rather than alone
  • AoE is required to get the most out of grinding
  • The amount of exp you get is based on the mob’s level
  • You only gain full exp from mobs that are above/below you by 5 levels, you may also miss a lot more hits

Auridion: Level 1  – 20

Audiron 1-20

Skip the tutorial if possible to enter the starting zone at level 3

Start by grinding at zone one until you reach level 8

Move to zone two until level 10

Move to zone three until 20 after that it is time to move area.


Greenshade: Level 20-31

Greenshade 20-31

Grind at zone one till around 31 all though you can leave at level 28 if you get bored like we did. These mobs do give fighters guild experience you should finish up around fighters guild level 5-6 if you stay the whole 11 levels here

Malabal Tor: Level 31-34

Malabal tror

Just find your own route around the town and ruins. DON’T DO THE QUESTS! It will turn this farming zone in to a town.

Reapers March: Level 34 -44

Reapers March

Zone one until level 40 it’s a really small zone so just keep going around in circles.

Once you’ve hit level 40 move to zone two, keep going from camp to camp. The spawn time here is high enough that you don’t have to stop killing

Cold harbor: Level 44 – 50

Cold harbor

We found two spots that are amazing. I personally like Cliffs of Failure (zone two) the most as it’s a bit more hidden and not as heavily farmed.

Zone one is enter-able by the black forge entrance and the mobs you farm are in the first room.
Zone two is enter-able through a portal once inside the cliffs of failure take the second bridge leading up on the right.



53 thoughts on “Complete Aldmeri Dominion 1-50 Power Leveling Guide”

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    1. The areas are a little crowded, but I still use some of these spots. It’s a good guide. If you can find an area with zombies that works pretty fast, no range damage, and no stuns.

    2. Still very viable. Especially if you don’t have dlc or want to deal with overcrowding in old orsinium. You can even use this guide to grind cp past 160. Just figure out what faction is last in Cadwells and head to a marked spot.

    1. Leveling 3 alts to 50 possibly 2 additional alts as well over the next 11 days xb na server aldmeri dominion message me to pair up

  2. I’m currently level 41, I play just about every night/weekend.
    Haven’t done any grinding so far, but am about to start.
    Anyone want to grind with me?
    on xbox one.

  3. This is great I show it to everyone and I do this before I even play the game. My ? Is do u have a power leveling for VT 1 to 16

  4. I would just like to say thanks! I had been looking for spots to farm at, because others were extremely overcrowded! These spots did me well and the time to gain one level has always been anywhere from 30-60 minutes to level , depending on my pace and when I would go back to sell loot. Take advantage of this if you’re really trying to get into PvP quickly and then quest for skill points and skyshards! Thanks again

  5. Only just got Eso on ps4. Going to try this the next few days. I’m lvl 10 in auridion now.
    Name is Mshing80 if anyone wants to partner up. Just send me a mail don’t have a mic.

  6. Awesome Guide,

    Anyone looking to grind .. I Just now hit level 10 and I play one Xbox One..

    Add Me.. MrPwnography313

  7. With grinding you start within the area and go in a circular pattern, killing everything you see. When you get back to where you started, the enemies should respawn by then, and you start over.

  8. Why does leveling with a partner give more exp? Just because you can kill more enemies quicker or is it some kind of xp buff that you get when playing with someone. Sorry first time playing a game like this.

    1. The way this game works with group experience, is that if your grouped with someone around your level, every time someone kills a mob you share the exp.

      In bigger groups, the amount you end up getting depends on how much damage you gave to the mob too. However, with only 2 people in a group, the sharing is actually 100%/100%.

      So, that means when grouped with exactly ONE other person, every time you kill a mob you get as much experience as you would playing solo, but you ALSO get that much experience when your partner kills a mob. Understanding that, it is really basically impossible to net less overall exp when grinding with a partner.

      1. Well, thing is, you receive 10% more exp from each mob when in a duo. For example, if a mob normally give 100 xp, it will give 110 xp to each member of your duo if you are close enough.

  9. Does anyone know if you can get to cold harbor via a friend that has it unlocked? If so can anyone that has cold harbor unlocked send me an inv or add me so I can get there please.

    Xbox one-aldemiri dominion
    GT: x iL o G ii K z

  10. I am following this guys guide and I can say that it works perfect on console. Current level is 32 and if any one wants to add me on xbox let me know GT: x IL o G ii K z

    1. I am level 44 and this guide worked pretty well I found a way better spot for 27-33 and the 40-45 doesn’t work at all the enemies are level 38 so I just messed around and did quests and dungeons until someone brought me to coldharbour and again cliffs of failure is way too packed and the other one gives like no xo atleast for me so I use the Ogrim run gives much more xp

  11. If you could run through and discover new grind spots that would be great. I think with nerfs the console version can’t use some of these spots.

  12. is this guide still valid to use if im starting a new toon now? or is there other better link to follow?

  13. this guide is perfect. i did it solo and it took me a little bit longer than double the time it took you guys! do you have a vr1-14 guide?

  14. Nice guide, although would it be possible for you to add what mobs we’re looking for in each spots? 20-31 are you hunting the tigers?

    1. Hey, i know this reply is a year late but im following this thread on console and wanted to clarify for any other confused people, its not the tigers. I spent a level farming the tigers at incredibly slow progress and realized this couldnt be considered efficient farming. The circles drawn a little too south. Head just north off the road and fight the undead. Hence the fighters guild rep. If anyone on ps4 wants to party up sometime feel free to add me: Anakee

    2. No you aren’t, just south of that you will find hollow warriors or stone people. That’s who you will be farming, there is a lot of them there and usually farmed by others too.

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