How to become a Werewolf

Becoming a Werewolf 


If you wish to become a werewolf or vampire in elder scrolls online you must get infected, below are the only ways to do this.

  • Find rare monsters in Reaper’s March, The Rift, or Bangkorai. To become a werewolf you need to get Sanies Lupinus disease, which you get if you are hit by rare werewolves that spawn only at certain spots, in certain zones and at a certain time. They only spawn at night, during the full moon. Once you become infected go to the nearest wayshrine where you’ll be able to start the quest Hircine’s Gift. Once you have completed this quest, you will unlock the Werewolf skill line.
  • You can also get infected by another player, who is already a werewolf, and has leveled the skill line enough to gain the passive “Bloodmoon”.

The suitable level for the quest line is 38, although there are reports of people finishing the quest at 20.

Werewolf spawn locations

Werewolves and Vampires share the same spawn areas and depending on the moon phase, one or the other will spawn. During the full moon werewolves will be out. It is believed that this phase seems to last 1.5 real days, and the phase repeats every 8 days.

The Rift werewolf spawn location The Rift

Bangkorai werewolf spawn locationsBankora

Reaper’s March werewolf spawn locationReapers March

Advantages of becoming a werewolf are:

  • The increase in stamina, armor, speed and attack damage are the main benefits of being a werewolf.  These make it a great choice for any physical character.
  • Transformation into a werewolf itself
  • Werewolf’s get a very nice gap closer skill
  • You have a lot of role-playing opportunities

Disadvantages of becoming a werewolf are:

  • Werewolves must transform to use special skills. Transforming into a werewolf requires your Ultimate slot and a lot of stamina
  • Werewolf’s biggest threat comes from members of the Fighters Guild, as you can talent to do extra damage against them.
  • As a werewolf you have a weakness to poison damage – 50% more poison damage is taken, this means all those pesky archers in PvP will do even more damage to you with poison arrows.
  • You get no bonuses while you’re outside of werewolf form.
  • Being a werewolf really has no benefit for magicka based characters.


If you ever decide that being a werewolf isn’t for you, you can cure it by  visiting the NPC you went to for the Hircine’s Gift quest. She will tell you to visit a NPC in a nearby town to remove the disease for a small fee. If you become a werewolf again you will continue from whatever level you reached in the werewolf skill line before you got cured.

Known bugs

Before you decide to become a werewolf, you should read this post because as of right now, werewolves have a huge amount of bugs. Check out this forum post on the official website for more information.


2 thoughts on “How to become a Werewolf”

  1. You get no bonuses while you’re outside of werewolf form.

    <—that is not true. even out of form, you gain 15% stamina reg. =)

    best regards

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