Complete Daggerfall Covenant 1-50 Power Leveling Guide

Complete level 1-50 grinding guide

Helpful tips before you start:

  • You get more exp while grinding as a duo, rather than alone
  • AoE is required to get the most out of grinding
  • The amount of exp you get is based on the mob’s level
  • You only gain full exp from mobs that are above/below you by 5 levels, you may also miss a lot more hits

Glenumbra: Level 1  – 16


Skip the tutorial if possible to enter the starting zone at level 3

Start by grinding at zone one until you reach level 10

Move to zone two until level 16

Stormhaven: Level 16-25


Grind at zone one until level 20. Then head east and grind at zone two until you are level 25.

Rivenspire: Level 25-30


Grind at this location from 25 to level 30

Alik’r Desert: Level 30 -38


Zone one until level 38.

Bangkorai: Level 38 -44


Grind at zone one from level 38 to 44.

Cold harbor: Level 44- 50

Cold harbor

We found two spots that are amazing. I personally like Cliffs of Failure (zone two) the most as it’s a bit more hidden and not as heavily farmed.

Zone one is enter-able by the black forge entrance and the mobs you farm are in the first room.
Zone two is enter-able through a portal once inside the cliffs of failure take the second bridge leading up on the right.



36 thoughts on “Complete Daggerfall Covenant 1-50 Power Leveling Guide”

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  2. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything this way just before. So nice to get somebody with many original ideas on this subject. realy i appreciate you for starting this up. this website is one thing that is needed online, someone with some originality. valuable project for bringing something new for the internet!

  3. Most of the places are valid if you dont have DLc’s still in late 2016. So good guide.
    for those who are bitching about power leveling;
    If you finish all the main storyline-caldwells and many side quests also, – and you want to play with additional characters for new skill lines and pvp etc. Why the fuck you need to go for the quests. OF COURSE YOU POWERLEVEL by Farming these spots. So shut up and leave people to their own choices.

  4. I already did the story with my max lvl main character and now im gonna grind to 50 and then do all the missions

  5. This was the best thing an for the people to tell us how to play the game an not to grind can suck a dick I paid my money to play the way I want to I do as I please now fuck off

  6. Uhmm. Its all good but no fun. I leveld up every 2 levels every hour after i reached lvl 20. I always do missions that are atleast 3 levels higher then me. And when the mission points me to a far away place. I go on my horse with speed buff. And quickly do every side mission by the time i reached the place im supposed to be i alreayd leveld up. After each 5 levels i regear up and look for a long mission and rinse and repeat. $

  7. Zone 1 in Stormhaven is possibly the worst grind spot of all. The enemies are miles away from each other and just don’t respawn at a fast enough rate to quantify this as being an “efficient” spot.

  8. Guys stop doing that, u should play the game maybe from lv1 to lv15 ok but not tell lv50 the game is made for fun not levelling up.

    1. People can play the game however they like. There’s no wrong way. I for one like to take my time with my first character and then rush follow up characters.

  9. This is stupid, and boring. Only takes a few weeks if that to get to 50 doing quests and dungeons, stop being lazy bastards and play the game haha..

    1. Alright so first of all who says Being a lazy bastard cant be fun?
      And second of all is that playing the game normally is only FUN for 1 time say you want to create a new character?
      Do you feel like going through everything again… Yup thats what i thought you dont!
      And it might be Boeing but at least you know that when you have done it your certainly not lazy cuz i takes a hell lot of more effort than playing the game ‘normally’

  10. guys but if i follow this guide i will lose many skill I right? what if i powerlevel my pg by grinding and after that i follow the story to get all these skill points..doest it make any sense? im really a super noob and if you have any suggestion you can contact me also on fb (stefan joe)


    1. Yo man after grinding and reaching VR1 You can still do all the main story missions and the normal missions but, the only differrence is that the main missions Will be scaled to your level and If you dont have a lot of skillpoints just look up a map and collect all the skyshards EASY as that😄

    2. Yeah I’m a noob too and was wondering about this. I think I am still gonna power level, and do the quests afterwards , just so I can do them at my own pace , and do them for the story instead of skipping dialogue to get exp.

  11. This really dose help…I went from 28 to 36 in meighbe 9 hours… I did that without the the ring of Mara and no xp boosts…

  12. This can be done in a full day (16-18 hour grind) if you really want to.

    Hint: 2-man group and AoE builds.

    Bonus: Pledge of Mara, ESO Plus, EXP Scrolls/Pots (This will reduce the grind to 8-10 hours)

  13. This method is good , you could get level 50 in
    12 days or even less NOTE: 12-16 hours EVERY DAY. But with average play 4-
    8 hours per day your looking at 18-30 days.


    1. 12 Days with this grinding is complete crap. I’m not sure how good you are at it.. or if you have friends and know how to mass kill mobs…. But 5 Days is a good amount to do this. I’ve averaged around .5-1 level an hour with a level partner .

    1. I’ve gone 1-41 in 4 days so far at ~4 hours a day. Will update at 50. I have 2 rings of Mara a leveling partner and 1 month of eso. So I’m getting a 30% xp bonus atm.

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